Welcome to the  Village

When The Village Meditates is a safe, inclusive and courageous space where racialized and marginalized folk are encouraged to embark on or continue along their journey inward. When The Village Meditates is a place of contemplation, connection and healing. We are committed to building an empathetic and compassionate community where healing and thriving is the focus. 



  • Courage

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    • Saturday Sessions
  • Courage

    Every month
    • Mornings + Saturday Sessions
  • Courage

    Every year
    • Mornings + Saturday Sessions

Mornings are guided group meditation sessions from Monday to Friday at 7am (EST) on Zoom. We meditate for 10-15 minutes, set an intention for the day and reflect on a positive affirmation. Start your day with gratitude and stillness, start you day with Mornings

Saturday Sessions is a meditation circle that happens every Saturday at 8am (EST) on Zoom.  We meditate for 20 minutes then practice deep sharing and empathetic listening for 40 minutes. Saturday Sessions is a great space to deepen your meditation practice and  be in community. 

As a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter with information about upcoming events such as retreats and community hikes.