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Meet Our Leadership Team

Community | Leadership | Vision | Legacy

These are the exceptional individuals fueling When The Village Meditates—inspired by a vision for culturally adapted wellness experiences and belonging—dedicated to nurturing wholeness in our community through transformative meditation, yoga, discussion and retreat experiences.

We heal. We thrive. Together.


Meet The Team


  • Fimo Mitchell: Founder of When the Village Meditates, guiding meditation experiences and fostering community. Writer and podcaster.

  • Tanja Nachtigall: Yoga teacher, Excel nerd, musician and multidisciplinary facilitator.

  • Abisara Machold: CEO and founder in natural hair care leader and ecommerce expert, passionate about mentoring entrepreneurs.

  • David Anderson: Web integrator, multimedia specialist, filmmaker, and creative director exploring stories of the black experience.

  • Daniel Twijuke:Fundraising professional, skilled in navigating the grant landscape to achieve collective goals in non-profits and research.

  • Brenda Paris: Advocate for black communities, co-founder of Dawson College's Black and Third World Student Affairs, and Gender-Based Analysis trainer.

  • Chike Chijioke: Founder of Preside Partners, LLC, a consultant and lawyer specializing in business development.

  • Cheeka Mitchell: High school Phys. Ed teacher, passionate about sports, chess, and ASL.

Our Partners

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